by Federal Mogul Ltd


Left to right:

Cllr Guy Martin, Don Coffey (F of CS), Santino Lammond (Plant Manager Federal Mogul Ltd), Cllr John Brook (Chairman F of CS), Cllr Mave Morrison, Mike Rose, (Project Officer HP&HVCRP), Ian Barley (F of CS), Pam Williams (Station Manager  Northern Rail), Don Jary (Stakeholder Manager  Northern Rail), Ged Weeden, (Director – Rail Braking EMEA Federal Mogul Ltd), Sarah Theyer (Federal Mogul Ltd), Paul Carrington (Chapel DIY Ltd) and Keith Walker (F of CS).




 Some of the Friends of Chapel Station at the Bury Transport Museum courtesy of Northern Rail,
with Northern Rail's New Managing Director, Alex Hynes, in the centre



Before Planting

After Planting


Station looking towards Buxton

Station looking towards Manchester


The Car Park with some of the trees removed to improve the view over Chapel-en-le-Frith


You might find this link of interest! - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chapel-en-le-Frith_railway_station


Chairman: John Brook -
8 Leefield Road, Chapel-en-le-Frith, SK23 0LF Tel: 01298 813474
Email: johnandglenys@talktalk.net
Secretary Keith Walker -
37 Beresford road, Chapel-en-le-Frith, SK23 0NY Tel: 01298 812087
Email: k.walker.chapel@googlemail.com
Treasurer Derek O'Brien -
29 Woodlands Road, Chapel, SK23 0XR      01298 815892  but 07810197 151 preferred.
 Email: derek380@btinternet.com
Committee plus Officers above:  Don Coffey, Ian Barley, Derek O'Brien, Guy Martin, Peter Helps, Gary Dobbin, Grahame Parsons.

New Inn Pub at 7.00pm

Jan 26th, Mar 30th , May 18th (Week early due Bank Holiday), July 27th, Sept 28th, Nov. 30th

All interested persons are welcome to attend

Some of the proposed projects and ongoing work:
Flower Bed Planters, Hanging Basket Posts, Painting Gates and Waste Bins, Flower Beds, Painting Running In Boards, Bulb planting, Interpretation board design & general tidying up !
Working parties:   

Second Saturday in the month at 1.00 pm to 4.00pm

2015 WORKING PARTY DATES. Feb 14th, Mar 14th, April 11th, May 9th, June 13th, July 11th  Aug 8th , Sept 12th, Oct 10th , Nov 14th , Dec 12th

2015 SANTA SPECIAL. Possibly Sat 5th December but TBC.


The Group and the display stand will also be attending New Mills and District Model Railway Exhibition at Chapel High School over the weekend of 21st/22nd February, and Chapel Carnival at the school on Saturday 21stJune.

We will also be involved with organising the 2015 Santa Specials to Buxton in December, date  to be confirmed  .



Senders name deleted by editor for privacy.

This letter makes the effort put into the day by all concerned very worthwhile.





We seem to have been very fortunate with the weather for our working parties this year. Our November party was almost called off because of heavy rain throughout the morning, but it stopped about 12.50 and we managed to achieve some of the planned work. Our December group worked on the back platform starting to seriously prepare the border for topsoil and eventual grass sowing. With darkness approaching- and snow showers visible, we managed only a couple of hours.

It will take longer than we thought originally, but very sensible advice means that we are digging slightly deeper and levelling off before we actually put anything down. The sleepers will be bedded into a prepared bed of limestone chippings, so that when mowing, they are effectively at mower level, which should make life a lot easier, and look better.

Our next working party is in February, weather permitting, when the main task will be the continuation of the border preparation. This obviously does not exclude the requirement to maintain what we have already achieved, so there will be plenty of work available.

Another project which is taking longer than initially expected, is the provision of two interpretation/welcome boards in the waiting shelters. We have now obtained 5 possible pictures to use, and Derek and I will be putting a suitable script together as soon as possible after Christmas. We can then get this typeset and sent to the manufacturer. It's surprised us how long it would take to get the required copyright and permissions to make use of these, and many thanks to Mike Bentley who came to our rescue.

We said goodbye to Steven, our youngest group member, who has been volunteering with us the last year, primarily towards his Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award. He has now obtained this and will have to concentrate on his GCSE's for the next few months. We are pleased that he hopes to be available to help out at the Model Railway show in February, and our other special activities. We were very happy to help him achieve this, and he made a positive contribution to our work.

The work at the station by Network Rail, in creating a safer environment for those pedestrians using the crossing, has not been entirely successful, with reports of people walking across the anti trespass guards and still trying to 'beat the train'. Admittedly, NR have not helped by ignoring the need for additional signs, lighting, CCTV coverage, and use by wheelchairs and pushchairs.

The overall standard of the work is far from good, with the hoped for finish of the groundwork, where we had hoped to be able to seed and then mow being particularly disappointing. It is hoped that pressure by Northern might bring some improvements to fruition.

Out team otherwise has largely remained the same, with obvious variations in the amount of time that individuals can devote, we still have the enthusiasm to continue, and grateful thanks are due to all those who contribute with their time and effort. Even if you can't make a working party or our meetings, we are very happy to keep you in the information flow by including you on our email list.

John H Brook. Dec 2014.





It does not seem 6 years ago that we started the group and commenced work at the Station. Much has been achieved, the hanging basket posts and Running In boards probably the most visible, but the continuing gardening work, tidying up, painting etc all play a very important part in gradually improving the station environment.

None of this could have happened without the hard work that everyone has put in, both at the station, attending meetings with the Community Rail Partnership, British Transport Police, ACoRP functions etc. and ensuring the paperwork and communications are properly undertaken. We are also indebted to those companies, groups and bodies that contribute to our funds. We try to minimise the cost where we can, but there is always a need for funds to cover the basics of stamps, supplies of soil and plants etc. even if specific projects get funded directly.

It was a great relief to get the final running in board in position in the autumn, and the resultant unveiling went extremely well, with everyone present making very positive comments. We have just started work on creating a grassed area- to be kept tidy by mowing, along the back of the downside platform, and have work to do on the planter and poppy seeded areas for the 1914 commemoration of the start of the Great War. A pallet Compost heap has been provided towards the Buxton end of the car park, so that the results of our weeding and tidying up can be properly disposed of. It has been great to see two young people taking an active part in our work, one as part of his volunteer work for the D of E scheme. Regular maintenance is taking up a larger part of our time, as the need to wood treat the basket posts and the earlier running in boards became evident, so we always have something to do.

It's sometimes easy to compare with other groups around the country and think that our achievements are much less than theirs. Each station is different, it's use is different, and inherited problems are different. We have done, and continue to do a very significant task, with the generosity of time that we have, or make available, and we make a positive difference by the work that we do, so we should be very proud of our achievements.  

John Brook, Chairman.

Mar 2014.


Welcome to our web pages hosted by Chapel-en-le-Frith Parish Council.

We are a small group of volunteers, not all of us railway enthusiasts by any means, who are keen to improve the environment at Chapel Station. For those reading this from distant parts, the station is in an isolated position about a mile from the Town Centre, which brings its own problems, but also opportunities.

We hope to achieve our aims partly by doing some of the things that perhaps used to be done by Station Staff, such as creating and tending gardens, constructing planters, painting of small items, general tidying up. This work is done in conjunction with the contractors employed by the stations operators Northern Rail, and Network Rail as Landlords.

We also assist with publicity distribution, and maintain three notice boards around the town. We also need to look at our own fund raising and other publicity, so there is plenty of scope for a variety of skills.

We hold meetings bi monthly, at a local pub where we enjoy a drink and discussion, and have monthly formal working parties at the station, usually on the second Saturday afternoon. Contact details are supplied on another page, and we warmly welcome anyone to come along to our meetings and working party days to see what we do.

We also appreciate that there people who cannot commit to any work, but who would like to keep in touch with what is going on, and we have an email circulation list for our minutes and other information. Please do let either myself or our Secretary know your email address to be included in this. 

We are members of ACoRP, and attend the local Community Rail Partnership Meetings, from which much useful information is gained.

Please do get in touch, we look forward to hearing from you.

John H Brook, Chairman






These instructions are intended to supplement those issued and briefed by Northern Rail (Below) and Network Rail, and cover the specific 'Railway' related risks incurred in any work carried out by the Friends group whilst working at the Station. They are to be issued to new members, whether of a railway background or none, and to all existing members. No new member will be permitted to commence any activity without having been issued with these instructions, and will be mentored by the Person in Charge during their first days activities.


1) The station is situated on the Edgeley Junction to Buxton branch line and consists of two platforms joined by a foot and vehicular crossing at the north (Manchester) end. The line northbound, to Manchester is designated as the Down Line, and the southbound, to Buxton, is the Up line. The platforms are therefore designated accordingly. The line speed through the station is 50 m.p.h. Signals are controlled by the signalbox at the south end whilst it is manned (currently Mon to Fri daytime only). Signals will normally be 'off' i.e. raised when a train is in the section approaching either from Buxton or Furness Vale as appropriate, and also when the box is unmanned. Although trains normally stop at the station, it must never be assumed that they will. Freight trains and empty passenger trains may pass through at line speed. Likewise, trains may approach without the signals being in the off position.

2) The whole of the station building, platforms, and its approach road and car park are owned by Network Rail, and leased to Northern Rail. We work on these areas by permission from Northern Rail. Areas not leased, such as behind the downside platform tarmacked area, are worked on by licence directly from Network Rail.


1) WORK TO BE SUSPENDED on the visible or audible approach of any train, except work in the car park and immediate surrounding area. When a train is signalled or expected work may continue with a careful watch being kept, and no work undertaken that cannot be immediately stopped.

2) ACKNOWLEDGE WARNINGS, given by drivers, by raising right arm and standing back as far as possible. Ensure others in your work group also comply.

3) NO WORK OF ANY DESCRIPTION to be carried out on platforms closer than 5 feet (1.5 metres) to the platform edge, nor on or in the immediate vicinity of the crossing.

4) PLATFORM AREAS TO BE KEPT CLEAR. Passengers have priority at all times, and any essential equipment must always be kept right at the back of platforms.

5) CROSSING USE. Stop, look and listen every time it is used, whether a train is expected or not. Do not cross if a train is approaching in either direction, nor if either or both platforms are occupied by a train. Visibility is particularly poor waiting at the downside and especially so if a down train has just departed. Encourage compliance and politely warn any passengers of the risks if you feel they are putting themselves in danger.

6) INCIDENT REPORTING is formally to Network Rail National Helpline on 08457 11 41 41, and/or to British Transport Police 0800 40 50 40. If there is an immediate emergency at the station affecting safety of the line i.e vehicle trapped on crossing or similar, then use of the level crossing phone to contact the signaller at Chapel (Or Buxton when Chapel Box is not open) is a possibility after having reported to Network Rail, but bear in mind that currently there is no way of immediately stopping a train en-route. Signals at Chapel can only be placed to danger=Stop when Chapel box is open. NEVER put yourself in danger if an incident occurs. If a personal injury occurs, the use of 999 if required in the normal way complies with usual practice, and the Person in Charge will record and advise those who need to know. 

7) TRACK ACCESS at any time is completely forbidden. This includes all areas adjacent to the track and within the fenced area belonging to Network Rail. It obviously does not include the area licensed for our use behind the station down side platform, nor proper use of the platforms or crossing or other areas where passengers are permitted. 


“Safety is no accident, it’s in your hands”

Key Safety Behaviours

·        Being careful where you put your head and hands

·        Not walking past a hazard: if you see one do something about it

·        Using the correct lifting and load handling techniques

·        Using handrails when on the stairs or getting on/off trains

·        Using the correct personal protective equipment.

THE  FRIENDS GROUP will maintain a record of each working party which will include information about those present, type of work undertaken, specific hazards and any incidents reported. A suitably experienced person from the group will be appointed as in charge and will be responsible for the compilation of the report, which will then be kept by the Secretary in case of enquiry later. 





Derek O'Brien. Peter Helps, Don Coffey.


John Brook, (Chair and Minutes). Keith Walker, Guy Martin,  Iain Barley, Gary Dobbin


These were approved and signed by the Chairman.


AOB- 1) Gradient Post- Chairman regretted that due to other commitments he had not been able to progress this. (Post Meeting- measurements now supplied to Don.)

2) Treasurer had advised that we had a healthy bank balance currently, with money from our attendance at the Carnival still to come.

3) Chairman had investigated turf prices for border. Based on the area we are currently working on -probably 25 to 30 sq metres, the cost would come out at about £100 using good quality turf. This is affordable, and although best time for laying is now- we have not fully prepared the area- and it would be best to wait to spring and be prepared to water it if weather dry.   


a) Street lights on approach road done today after approach to senior Northern Rail manager. Some on car park still to do. (Post Meeting- now complete)

b) Ongoing work on preparing grass area behind downside platform progressing- September working party had very poor weather to contend with.

c) Other gardening work ongoing- will try to tidy up before winter. 


Much praise being heard from users about the boards, they appear to be very well received.


Noted that this years proposed date is Saturday 5th December. This and all other details to be confirmed in due course by Northern Rail. Everyone who is available- even if only for part of the day, is asked to assist if possible. Main task we are responsible for is the decoration of the train (roughly 8.30 start from Chapel- can alight at Chapel 11.38 or any later time that we pass!) We finish at Chapel at 15.33. (Post Meeting- date confirmed)


(Note- although not specifically an agenda item, as a number of safety issues were raised at the meeting it was felt better to minute them together.)

a) Level Crossing- As pointed out previously, wheelchair and pushchair users are still getting trapped going up the ramp onto the downside platform unless they have an extra pair of hands to hold the gate open.

b) Misuse of the crossing by people walking over anti trespass guards continues daily.

c) No improvement in the signage has occurred- passengers are very confused about best route from car park to downside platform. An arrow placed on the sign by car park to suggest people used the road rather than upside platform was placed by this group but soon removed by???. Likewise sign on downside for exit still shows old route/direction.

d) it is understood that a disabled access audit failed the station on all counts. Overall access to the  downside platform is not user friendly.

e) It was thought that the process used for identifying hazards on crossings differed when crossings was being assessed for vehicle moves as against pedestrian moves, and if both occurred- as at Chapel, improvement for one can result in worsening for the other.

e) Overall it was felt that one hazard has been replaced by alternative hazards, and no overall improvement to safety has been achieved.


Formal appointments takes place at the AGM in March. However, two posts need filling now and it was agreed that a) Independent Examiner post be filled by Peter Helps, and b) Treasurer be filled by Gary Dobbin. Grateful thanks given to the two people involved- appointments to be ratified at the AGM.

10) A.O.B.

 a) Chairman apologised for lack of progress on some matters mentioned at previous meeting- due primarily to family commitments.

b) It was thought that we should assess whether Monday was the best day- taking account of many other activities our members were involved in, to hold our bi monthly meeting. Members to be asked

for their views and a decision to be taken at the AGM.

c) Signal box. It has been suggested that as the rest of the station is grade 2 listed- including the waiting shelters, we should apply for the signal box to be included. It will become disused when re signalling of the line takes place- possibly in about 10 years time. It was built immediately after the Chapel accident when the original, on a different site, was destroyed and is to a standard early B.R. design of which not many are left countrywide. Secretary will write to HPBC, possibly via Parish Council- to request this. A safe access route can be created from downside platform if alternative use is agreed in due course.

d) Parish Council have confirmed a new website will be up and running in new year- not known what effect this will have on our web pages.


Monday November 30th at 7.00 at the New Inn. Chips and Sandwiches may be available if ordered prior!

Meeting closed at 8.11. pm.






Derek O'Brien. Gary Dobbin,


John Brook, (Chair and Minutes). Keith Walker, Guy Martin,  Iain Barley, Don Coffey.


These were approved and signed by the Chairman.


AOB- 1) Gradient Post- due to very short stem remaining, Don suggested fabricating a wooden box to contain it, filled with concrete. This would raise it high enough for the lower arm to clear the platform. Will try to get measurement to pass on to Don.

2)Trees. Noted that recently the bin lorry had suffered minor damage due to the overhanging Chestnut trees at top of approach road. Examination reveals that two or three are over mature and could do with total felling- smaller branches and larger twigs are falling off at every gale. The rest need cutting back. Although tree trunks are in field, they are immediately adjacent to fence. Problem mentioned at recent meeting to Chris Ingham (NR SM) and Tony Birtwistle (ISS). Noted that deceased owners estate is in probate. (See 5d below)

3) Many thanks to those who helped on the gates at Chapel Carnival.


a) Car park light now renewed, but bottom approach road light still not accessible (Alledgedly!). Thought wall too close to access hinge, but it's been known to have been dropped for repairs before.

b) Signalbox dustbin not been emptied for three weeks, causing problems with signaller disposing of rubbish from box.

c) Noted that we would like the fence line along edge of car park to be re strung. Posts are largely intact but some need straightening.

d)The walling is getting worse- both sides of approach road are deteriorating badly in places. Thought lack of contactable ownership of field may play a part.

e) Next Working party 8th Aug- primarily carry on work from last one.

f) Embankment at top of approach road could do with clearing of scrub etc. Wondered if we could persuade a local gardening contractor to take it on? JB to enquire.

g) The various bushes/shrubs on the lower part of the approach road need cutting back to enable mowing of verge to take place and better visibility for cars/pedestrians.-


Many thanks to ISS for fixing the boards in each waiting shelter. They look good and appear to do the job we wanted. (Post Meeting- Keith suggested we take a photo to pass on to ACoRP for inclusion in their Train On Line newsletter.- JB will organise). One more project completed satisfactorily!

7) A.O.B.

a) JB raised the issue of the revised arrangements at the level crossing- having recently helped get a wheelchair bound passenger to the d/s platform. The usage figures used by Network Rail to justify their recent works appear to overstate the number of trains and lack any vehicle movement statistics- all vehicles using it are non railway related. People are still running over the anti trespass guards and first time users are very confused as to the route they should take due to lack of proper signage on  upside. Any safety improvement actually achieved is undone by worsening of other risks. Suggested that a) CCTV camera should be focused on the crossing, b) a 10mph temporary speed restriction should be placed on both lines over the crossing.

b) It was suggested that we turf rather than sow the area between the two planters on the downside. JB to investigate pricing. We would still need topsoil to bring up to level but turf would provide a better start if placed before end of spring next year- hopefully autumn of this.

c) Recruitment. We need to attract further active people to the group. Three of our founder members are now unable to attend or actively work at the station, and although hopefully most of the heavy work is virtually completed for the time being, we do need more hands. Suggested we try High Peak Radio, inserts into the Parish Council Welcome Packs, etc. Queried whether ACoRP and/or Northern Rail have any suitable posters for display. JB to progress

d) Santa Special. Inaugural meeting at 'The Crossing' Furness Vale on Tuesday 25th August at 6.30 to discuss this years arrangements. Volunteers are required for the day of the event- probably 5th or 12th December.

E) Suggested we ask Mike Gregg, who was interested in the group to start with, if he might become our honorary Independent Examiner of accounts, in place of Bill Goddard. JB to progress. 


Monday September 28th  at 7.00 at the New Inn. Chips and Sandwiches may be available if ordered prior!

Meeting closed at 8.10. pm.








Derek O'Brien. Don Coffey



John Brook, (Chair and Minutes). Keith Walker, Guy Martin, Gary Dobbin, Iain Barley.



These were approved and signed by the Chairman.



The new Station Adopter has had success in getting the potholes in the approach road, and all except one of the lights, mended.



a) Apparently there has been a recent meeting with relevant railway parties and the landowner to discuss repairs to the dry stone wall. We await results with interest, as currently a lot is in a state of severe disrepair!

b) The last working party successfully dug the shallow trench to receive the limestone chippings to bed the sleepers making a definite rear edge to the grassed area on the downside. Many thanks to all who helped. Hoped we can make a start on tipping the chippings and place first few sleepers at the next working party. (John to see if he can get hold of some Terram from Chinley P/Way). NOTE- An additional S&T Cable was found - to be re buried during our next phase of work)

c) Mary will be planting suitable bedding plants on raised bed to show 1915 this year).

d) Despite earlier problems, the daffodil display on banking of approach road was successful. The two large stones moved to try to protect the area from road traffic seemed to have worked and looked OK. We will try to locate a few more for similar treatment.



Noted that ISS had informally expressed reservations about putting these in the shelters as it might adversely affect access if they have to replace the Polycarbonate panels. Still no news of a meeting date so they can actually see what is required- John to chase up with SM. We may possibly have to provide some framework/fixing kit ourselves.


7) A.O.B.

a) Noted that Gray has repainted the gradient post that was retrieved from the undergrowth a year or so ago. We will try to refit this at next working party-cement required.

b) Fly Tipping. Asbestos wrapped in plastic bags had been dumped over the course of a week alongside the approach road. ISS had removed this. John to ask BTP for interrogation of CCTV cameras, as although dumping had occurred out of sight, it was likely vehicle would have turned around in the car park. POST MEETING-Unfortunately DVD recorder found to be defective, and no video exists for nights in question.

c) Trees on Approach Road. Noted that apart from the very overgrown Chestnuts at top of road, about which concern has already been expressed, some of the smaller trees further down were in need of trimming. Will assess by next working party.

d) New Timetables. Noted that only alteration to services on new timetable was one Sunday morning service. John will amend date of validity. Currently services north of Manchester altered due to Farnworth Tunnel rebuild- all start at Manchester Picc.

d) Chapel Carnival. We normally man one gate, and volunteers are requested for this years event on Saturday 20th June.  Time- from about 12.30 until 3.30. Very busy for about 30 minutes on arrival of procession at about 1.30.



Monday JULY 27th at 7.00 at the New Inn.


Meeting closed at 8.00. pm.



SIGNED AS A CORRECT RECORD.____________________________DATE________________





HELD AT THE NEW INN, CHAPEL, ON 30th MARCH 2015 AT 7.00 p.m.



These last 12 months have flown by, and although some of the more dramatic and newsworthy events that we have had in previous years, have not been evident this year, the hard work put in by our team has ensured that the station continues to look cared for and welcoming to passengers.

We attended the New Mills and District Railway Modellers Exhibition at Chapel School on Long Lane in February, and also manned the gates at the school on Carnival Day in June. These provide a good opportunity to showcase what we are doing and also take our place in the wider community in Chapel.

The only major disappointment was the complete lack of germination of any of the thousands of poppy seeds that had been sown in the downside border, to commemorate the start of the First World War. We are aware that we are not the only the only group that has had this problem- we  hope they may come up this year along with wild flower seeds to be sown shortly.

The Chairman and Secretary have, either jointly or individually attended the quarterly Community Rail Partnership meetings, and likewise the quarterly British Transport Police PACT meetings, their version of Safer Neighbourhood. These provide an ideal opportunity to meet others in similar groups, discuss anti social behaviour and other security and safety issues, and put our case for improvements to the station and line, as appropriate.

We have been pleased to meet Chris Ingham, the new Northern Rail Station Manager for unmanned stations, Andrew Walker, the new Project Officer for the High Peak and Hope Valley Community Rail Partnership, and Andrew Griffin, the newly appointed Network Rail Local Community Rail Officer, at the station over the past few months, to discuss ongoing issues, the revised level crossing arrangements for passengers being the most contentious. The basic principle of what was required by Network Rail, to stop passengers walking straight down the ramp at the platform end, potentially into the path of a train, was accepted and the concept of ensuring they had to approach from the outside of the gates seemed reasonable. However the actual execution was appalling, with no co-ordination of provision and revision of existing signage.  People are still confused, and are, for instance, walking over the anti trespass guards, meaning that one hazard has been replaced by another. We continue to press for this to be vastly improved.

We have further work to do. The long awaited Welcome boards are complete and now nearing erection, one in each shelter, and the project to make a proper grassed area between the two planters on the 'Downside' to Manchester platform is progressing, albeit at a slower pace than we might have hoped for.

All this is undertaken by the volunteers who seemingly gladly give up one Saturday afternoon a month, and my grateful thanks to them, and their sometimes long suffering partners! Their dedication is considerable and much appreciated. If you would like to join us then please get in touch with any of the committee, details below.


John H Brook, Chairman.  March 2015








Derek O'Brien. Don Coffey



John Brook, (Chair and Minutes). Keith Walker, Guy Martin, Gary Dobbin, Iain Barley.


3) ELECTION OF OFFICER HOLDERS. (All existing offered themselves for re election)

a) Secretary took the chair and invited nominations for post of Chairman. None were proffered and John Brook was re elected unopposed.

b) Chair requested nominations for posts of Treasurer and Secretary, none were received and Derek O'Brien, -Treasurer, and Keith Walker, Secretary, were re elected unopposed.



Chairman apologised unreservedly for not bringing a written report to the meeting- one will be attached to minutes. He confirmed that although we had not had headline grabbing projects to attract attention this year, we had made steady progress and support from the team was outstanding. Only major disappointment was lack of germination of any of the thousands of poppy seeds sown last year- it was hoped they might germinate in 2015.



In the absence of the Treasurer, the Chairman led this item. The report has been signed off by the Independent Examiner and shows a very healthy surplus. However the costs of the new Welcome boards is not included as they have been paid for since, and it is likely that we will have to contribute towards the fixing costs- TBA. The report was accepted by the meeting. A copy of the accounts is attached to the minutes.



Bill Goddard has very kindly undertaken this duty up till now, but his health is deteriorating and it is not likely he will be fit enough for next year. As this has only recently come to light, the Office Holders have not yet had an opportunity to suggest a replacement. The AGM agreed that the Office Holders could appoint a suitable replacement when one is found, to be ratified at next years AGM.

Note;-The post is voluntary, cannot be occupied by anyone with any direct connection to the group, and needs someone with basic accounting/checking ability. It’s an important but very basic role as the number of entries to be checked is no more than about 20 for the year.



The minutes of the previous AGM had been approved at the subsequent ordinary meeting. The minutes of the ordinary meeting held on 26th January 2015 were Approved.




Chairman is trying to arrange a meeting between DCC Highways, Network/Northern Rail re snow clearance of approach road when a plough is required.



A meeting at the station about a month ago with Andrew Griffin has resulted in a couple of paperwork tasks requiring to be completed to update their records.

a) Risk Assessment. We are required to produce a risk assessment showing the various types of work undertaken and the management and control of risks associated with it. Gary very kindly offered to undertake this, and John will email forward the template and forms supplied by Andrew.

b) Safety Briefing. A standard briefing sheet has been supplied which requires each individual in the group to read and sign to confirm. From this, a list of all volunteers will be collated to send to Andrew.

The briefing will be emailed to all and members are asked to sign and return to John, who hopefully will be able to answer any queries on this. Any new volunteer will also have to undertake this individually before they start any work.



Derek has decided to relinquish his responsibilities, due to family and other pressures, and we are fortunate that Peter Helps has been appointed to step into his shoes. Peter has asked that the bullet points from his first missive to Northerns Adopters organisation be recorded. His email gives full information.

a) Lights-ISS1 is out (has been for 9 months!) ISS 5 intermittent fault

b) Station Lights LT17 leaning and insufficient lights for new exit from Plat 1.

c) Signs. Too few exit and entry signs.

d) Information Boards- don’t show Rail Replacement stops and are 10 years out of date.

e) Rail Replacement- Big queries about how passengers are informed- particularly for 29th March. FOCS putting up signs hopefully deterring people from waiting for hours!

f) Cancellations- No proper additional information for passengers.

g) Boundary wall on approach road falling down.

h) Tip in field (Network Rail issue)



These are now supplied, Chairman would have brought one to meeting but weather prohibited safe loading into car. Have got promise of meeting with ISS ASAP after Easter to see what is required for fixing. Quality extremely good- very many thanks to Beryl Martin for typesetting etc. 


12) A.O.B.

a) Running In Board by crossing. Gary reported he had removed as many letters as possible, retreated /painted area involved and re stuck letters. Problem appeared to be adverse reaction between paint and glue used to fix letters- hope it does not occur on the other boards. Grateful thanks to Gary.

b) Wells Dressing. Chairman had been in correspondence regarding this event- from 4th to 11th July, and confirmed that unless anyone was willing to take this on, we would not be taking part.

c) Anti Trespass boards by platform ramps were regularly and frequently being walked over by passengers who either did not see, or were ignoring the side gates.

d) Discussion re planning application for Bank Hall Drive 250 houses, and possible impact on crossing usage. Thought that vehicular use would not increase, but pedestrian would. Increase in station usage welcomed but not the adverse impact of possible bridge to replace crossing. Thought that Network Rail might be stashing away 106 moneys from developers to put towards any major works. Secretary to write to both Network Rail and HPBC re this.

e) Suggested that some long concrete sills and stone blocks around the station house be moved to the approach road to stop vehicles going over verge. To be painted white to avoid problems of visibility and kept about 3 foot back from edge to avoid any problems.

f) Noted with regret that daffodil flowers on banking had been kicked off by youths/animals?? Iain taking them to local O.P homes.

g) Guy advised that the P.C. website which hosts our pages may change later this year and we may have to make other arrangements.

h) We understand that a survey of the station for use by partially sighted or blind people has failed on all counts.


Post Meeting- Chairman has three large packs of wild flower seeds- suggested that they be sown where poppy seeds are and if poppies germinate it should make a good show together.



Monday May 18th at 7.00 at the New Inn. (NOTE- a week earlier than usual due to Bank Holiday)


Meeting closed at 8.10. pm.



SIGNED AS A CORRECT RECORD.____________________________DATE________________








John Brook, Chair and minutes. Keith Walker, Iain Barley, Don Coffey, Gary Dobbin, Guy Martin

APOLOGIES. Derek O'Brien.

2) Minutes of the last meeting held on 28th November 2014 were agreed and signed as a true record.

Matter arising. Noted that 4 lights on the approach road/car park etc have been mended, but the fifth one, last one before council owned ones, requires to be dropped- but apparently won't ?? hinge wrong way round??, and requires a cherry picker to access. Could take ages. Also noted that the council lights are switched off at nights despite this group and Chapel P.C. requesting they be left on.

3) Maintenance/Working parties. Station adopter had nothing special to report when spoken to earlier in the day. Noted that ISS staff now have to report arrival, and work done, in real time. Meeting noted correspondance with Northern re Hanging baskets. (Post Meeting- now confirmed by Northern that no alterations will take place in next 12 months).

Also queried snow clearance issues- Road had been ploughed, but not known who by, thought local farmer with blade mounted on tractor. A good job done, but concerned that ISS had told a resident on the road that he should not attempt any clearance. Gritting of road and car park still an issue, Parish Council have been told its done by ISS with a proper gritting trailer, but little signs of it and car park still a mess. Platforms seem to be OK.

4) CRP. The January CRP meeting had included a Q&A session with Arriva, one of the three potential bidders for the Northern franchise.  They seemed genuinely interested in what we had to say and session lasted much longer than apparently planned for. Also to note that the newley appointed CRP Project Officer, replacing Mike Rose, is Andrew Walker, and he was present at the meeting. The other potential bidders are expected to be at the March CRP Meeting.

5) Working Parties/Meeting Dates for 2015. As usual in January, there was no working party. For the next couple at least, main priority is on getting the rear border levelled and sleepers placed ready for topsoil (Continuing job started in Dec.) -Dates shown below.

6) Welcome Boards are progressing and hopefully typesetting will be done shortly. It might be possible to have a rough print ready for the Model Railway Show.

7) Data Protection. This minutes records the annual emailing to all on the email list advising of data held, how it is used, and advising that if requested, such data may be removed.

8) Model Railway Exhibition. John confirmed our attendance at this annual event, on 21st and 22nd February. Gary kindly offered to help John set the table up on Friday evening, Guy can do Sunday a.m. and Derek Sat p.m.  Iain can do Sunday p.m. John and Keith will do best to cover the rest- not thought essential to have two people on all the time, as security is not now an issue- but obviously stand needs to be manned as much as possible. The position of the stand has been slightly amended to our advantage.

9) A.O.B. Follow Up meeting for Santa Train? John will email, Nigel, Robin/Lynda/Elspeth to see if one is planned. Also to check that Santa was given a free ticket form as his, and his wifes, reward.

10) Noted that next meeting is AGM, to be held on Monday 30th March at the New Inn at 7.00.p.m.

2015 MEETING DATES. Jan 26th, Mar 30th , May 18th (Week early due Bank Holiday), July 27th, Sept 28th, Nov. 30th.

2015 WORKING PARTY DATES. Feb 14th, Mar 14th, April 11th, May 9th, June 13th, July 11th  Aug 8th , Sept 12th, Oct 10th , Nov 14th , Dec 12th

2015 SANTA SPECIAL. Possibly Sat 5th December but TBC.










John Brook, Chair and minutes.  Keith Walker, Iain Barley, Don Coffey, Gary Dobbin. 

APOLOGIES. Guy Martin, Derek O'Brien.

1) Minutes of the last meeting held on 29th September were agreed and signed as a true record.

2) Matter arising. The interpretation/welcome boards have taken a step closer to being provided. John and Derek visited Mike Bentley and obtained postcard sized copies of 5 pictures for potential use.   Don kindly agreed to scan them to a good quality (since done), and ASAP John and Derek will get together to agree script etc. before taking to Beryl Martin for typesetting.

3) Maintenance/Working parties Very disappointed to hear that further issues are being raised by ISS regarding the ownership of the street lights on the approach road, after all the efforts of previous Station Managers, ourselves, and the then manager of the ISS team, to get it sorted. This dispute means that 2 lights on the road and one on the car park are not currently working.  There should be no problem about recognising the 5 approach road street lights that are railway owned and maintained, but as the ones out are the two furthest from the Station, they obviously don't come on when the station lights are switched on. John to take up with Chris Ingham, Station Manager.

Working party next month will start to tackle the groundwork for the down side border, which will have rear level edging formed of the sleepers in our possession. A 1 tonne poly bag of limestone chippings to dust will be ordered to bed these in.

Concerned that further vehicles have damaged the banking where daffodils are planted, but pleased that notices have gone up on the approach road access gates instructing contractors to leave the area tidy.

4) Santa Trains. Everything except publicity seems to be in order. (POST MEETING) John received the posters late on Thursday 27th and delivered them along the line a.m. Friday 28th. 5 minutes after arrival home, the leaflets arrived but as by that time some manned stations would have been closed, delivery was not able to be made until Monday 1st  a.m. to all manned stations Buxton to Hazel Grove, and volunteers at Whaley, Furness, New Mills and Disley. This unfortunately repeats what happened last year and is not sufficient time to enable proper distribution. (POST MEETING NOTE) Trains actually went off very well, first train full, second about half full, with over 250 goody bags handed out. Only issue was 2X150 non corridor connected sets, which meant Santa and others had to manage distribution etc more carefully. Everyone very happy- wash up meeting in January, Date TBA.

5) A.O.B. Keith mentioned that he is unlikely to be able to stand for the post of Secretary at the AGM in March. John is submitting a total hours worked statement for 2014 to the CRP. Noted that Mike Rose is retiring at the end of the year and John is attending the interviews for his successor to hold informal conversations with the candidates prior to their interviews.

6) Date of Next Meeting. Monday 26th January 2015. 7.00 at The New Inn.



Minutes of the meeting held on Monday 29th September  2014

Attendance: John Brook (chair), Guy Martin, Ian Barley, Gary Dobbin, Keith Walker, Derek O’Brien (minutes)

Apologies : There were no apologies

The Minutes of the meeting held on 28/7/14 were approved and signed.

Matters Arising

John informed the meeting that  he has contacted Network Rail to express concern about the way that rubble etc. has been left at the side of the new pathway. Our offer to plant and tend the area adjacent to the new path was based on the proviso that it would be left in decent condition.

Station Adopter

Derek reported that the two lights which were vandalised on the Station Approach Road (ISS1 and ISS2) are the only outstanding faults. Some other lights on the roadway belonging to DCC are damaged but still working. John will get numbers and report.

Maintenance/working parties

John circulated details of the tasks for the working party taking place on 11 October. He will email a copy to others not at the meeting. The question of when to replant the Poppy Seeds was raised. We hope one of our members will be able to advise.

John will order topsoil to complete the creation of the new beds on Platform 2. Iain suggested that we used sleepers to mark the back edge, which was agreed. A underlay of Terram or similar is required.

Interpretation Boards

John is waiting for a response from the publisher to use the photographs selected for the display. Derek showed a photograph of the Board at Whaley Bridge Incline which is laid out in the way our material may be best presented.

Santa Special

Keith has a meeting with the other Friends Groups involved in this event on 9/10/14. Santa is booked which is the good news. Unfortunately to date there has been no response from Northern Rail to confirm who is replacing Pam as line manager. Crucially there has been no information about trains available on the day or publicity. Keith reported that the feeling is that if information is not forthcoming prior to the meeting then it is likely that the event will not take place. The meeting noted Keith’s comments and supported the suggestion whilst expressing regret.

Northern Franchise Consultation

There was a wide-ranging discussion about current issues and especially to change to Peak Time regulations for contra peak flows.  There was concern that this could reduce passenger numbers which in turn will have a detrimental impact on services offered under the new Franchise. This could undermine attempts to achieve increased frequency and improved rolling-stoc

All credit for what Northern have achieved during the current Franchise was noted.

Other Business

Iain suggested that we take a tree out on the corner of the car park to improve visibility and safety. This was strongly supported.

A number of issues were raised in respect of the ‘new’ crossing arrangements:

·         A double headed lamp to replace the head on the lamp nearest the crossing would improve illumination as people walk along the new pathway leading to/from Platform 1.

·         Children and disabled cannot reach the bolts on the wicket gates adjacent to the road gates on the crossing.. We have already had people having to shout for assistance. (POST MEETING_ Now converted to spring loaded)

·         Clear signage and ‘Exit’ signs are required both on the platforms and at the entrance to the pathways

·         Do the handrails have to be yellow? They mismatch the other colour schemes on the station

·         There is a trip hazard at the point where the new pathway leading to Platform 1 meets the road

·         During winterisation it will be important that both new paths are gritted as well as the platform.

Next Meeting Monday 24 November 2014.

The meeting closed at 8.15 p.m.






PRESENT. John Brook (Chair and Minutes). Gary Dobbin, Keith Walker, Guy Martin, Iain Barley.


1) APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE.  Mary Craner, Derek O'Brien, Bryan McGee.

2) MINUTES OF PREVIOUS MEETING. These had been previously circulated and were accepted by the meeting. There were not any obvious matters arising that would not be dealt with at this meeting.

3) MAINTENANCE/WORKING PARTIES. Work continued with treatment of hanging basket posts and one running in board, and preparation of downside border (see 6 below). Weeding of the border has taken place. Very much regretted that despite many thousands of poppy seeds having been sown, none had germinated.  Next working party to continue with timber treatment of remaining posts and upside running in board- not thought the downside ones require any yet, and also regrowth of trees behind car  park area. As Derek not able to be present no report of maintenance issues referred to ISS was available.

4) CARNIVAL GATE MANNING.  Gary and his wife thanked  for all their hard work on Carnival day.

Noted that next years date is 20th June. The Wells Dressing team to be thanked for their work on the display at the station, they have intimated that if next year the Friends group is able to provide volunteer/s as last year they will provide a board, otherwise the board is likely to be used for another location in Chapel.

5) INDIVIDUALS TAKING ON 'PLOTS'.  John provided a suggested list of suitable areas and it was agreed that this be circulated to the members (attached), for anyone interested to request to take on the maintenance of a plot. This would not include the initial construction which requires more concerted efforts. Please advise John.

6) FUTURE WORK ON DOWNSIDE. The RBL have offered to purchase 3 bags of topsoil for use in the downside border.  This generous offer was accepted as we expect to need a considerable quantity to bring it up to level throughout. (We will probably need 6 bags or more). Discussion on what to do with the border between the waiting shelter and the far end resulted in the view that we needed something that was not going to require continual weeding, but that a long grass mown strip, although tidy and easy to keep, did not enhance the look as much as a shrubbery or similar would.

In view of the pleasant look of the grassed areas at the bottom of Horse Fair Avenue which has a few colourful smallish shrubs planted by residents, it was thought that this could be the way forward. We will obtain some Terram to prevent weed growth through, and cut holes for planting of suitable shrubs. Topsoil will then be spread over, grass sown, and then kept mowed. Suggested that no more than 10 or so shrubs would provide the look we are after (no more that 3-4 foot high and similar spread). We will also look at a lowish picket fence to mark the boudary.

7) RENEWAL OF NORTHERN FRANCHISE.  Keith and John had recently attended a special CRP meeting at Glossop which primarily discussed the partnerships response to the consultation document issued by the DfT for this and the TpeX franchise. Mike Rose, Project Officer had prepared a draft response which was discussed in detail and in general, if the requests and suggestions are incorporated into the Franchise requirements, the future rail service in the area will be a considerable improvement over the existing. In support of this, a document for each of the three lines already produced in response to a previous DfT request, was presented. When the response document is finalised (within the next couple of weeks) it is hoped that we will be able to circulate copies to our members. Members are very welcome to make their own personal response to the DfT but to enable these to be seriously considered they must be evidentially based and not a 'wish list' or gripe about the existing franchise holder or services. The main thrust for the Buxton line is the half hourly service throughout the day and eventual electrification.

8) A.O.B.  a) Interpretation/Welcome Boards. Guy mentioned that the grants given to us by the High Peak Councillors are supposed to have been used within about 6 months.   We need to ensure that this money does not have to be relinquished. Derek has asked Northern for permission to erect these boards in the waiting shelters- one or two in each, but unless received with the last two weeks no response has been received. He has received an informal quote of about £100 for the manufacture of each- plus artwork etc.(As per Whaley Bridge).  He was also going to talk to Peter Helps to establish what resource we had with the items removed from the station loft. Beryl Martin can possibly help with layout etc, but currently she is very busy with Parish Council exhibition work. Derek on leave currently.

b) Noted that scrap from the recent preparation for the pathway from the end of the upside platform had been dumped in the field, and also soil left in a heap. It had been agreed that any areas disturbed by this work would be left mowable by us, so as to improve the overall look of a neglected area.   John to email Catherine Shanahan Network Rail.

c) Santa Special. Noted that no firm date, nor of meeting to discuss arrangements had yet been advised. John/Keith to contact Lynda at Furness Vale.

d) Noted that no repairs had taken place to the drystone wall despite continual reports of its dmise.

e) Iain advised that he had been told that ISS? were to have a vegetation gang possibly in the area. Apart from the possible cutting down of some of the shrubbery on the approach road, the Horse Chestnut trees in the field at the top of the road, just before the turn into the car park, were very low, and some branches looked very vulnerable both to being hit, and to falling off. This to be reported to Northern.

f) The gradient post had been recovered by Gary but will need some work to refix in its original position.

9) D.O.N.M. Monday 29th September at 7.00 at New Inn.

Meeting closed at 8.15.






Note;- Meeting held a week earlier than usual due to Bank Holiday.

PRESENT. John Brook, (Chair and Minutes). Keith Walker, Iain Barley. Gary Dobbin.

1) Apologies for absence.  Bryan McGee. Derek O'Brien. Guy Martin.

2) Minutes of the meeting held on 31st March having been previously circulated, were approved and signed. There were no obvious items arising that would not be covered on the agenda.

3) Maintenance and working parties. Noted that ISS Worksop had attended the station earlier in the day and gave assurances that the defective lights would be fixed. (Post Meeting Note- sorted!). No other obvious defects at present.

Due to the inclement weather last working party, no wood treatment of hanging basket posts had taken place. John will ensure kit is available for June date. Good work had taken place on the planter  for 1914 date, and wild flower seeds had been sown around upside shelter. Mary is organising provision of begonias for planting out. (Post Meeting- due to Mary's absence she had arranged for Myra Hearnshaw to plant out- John will collect from David Ross.) It is hoped the poppy seeds sown earlier will germinate in time. The old gradient post will be recovered and in due course painted for re fixing as near as possible to its old site. Further work on downside border area in preparation for sowing grass to be undertaken. John has tackled Station Manager re white lining of platform edging – required at all stations on the line. Thought it's in a programme but not known when. Comment made that some stations have 'Mind the Gap' painted along coping stones- but not much point if gap is not plainly visible! Next working party is on Sat 14th June. 

4) Carnival Sat 21st June. Due to holidays etc, we can probably only man one gate. Gary offered to be the main person, and all others who can assist between 12.00 and 3.00 at the school are asked to make contact. Usually additional help is available from organisers during the busy period after procession arrives. Decided not to bother about the FOCS stand, but make use of table if available. John will brief Gary about the usual arrangements, and Gary thanked for offering his services.

5) Wells Dressing. July 5th/6th . Last year we had a dressing at the station, beautifully decorated by Derek and helpers. We have received an invitation to do one again, but Derek is unavailable this year and similarly for any obvious others. However, if anyone would like to get involved, usually requires most evenings during the week before to prepare- with plenty of help etc available at the Playhouse, they would be most welcome. It would certainly be good to see one there this year. Let John know if interested. 

6) John met with Catherine Shanahan earlier at the station to discuss the planned safety measures to be taken to add some protection to pedestrian users of the crossing. She confirms that the only work anticipated is to create an opening in the fence at the top of both ramps, with a concrete path, handrailed and sloped suitable for access for all requirements, leading down to the road on the 'roadside' of the gates. The end of the platform will be fenced off, and anti trespass guards fitted at the platform edge to prevent misuse. We could place low level planters against these fences, as long as the view from the gates is not affected.    Whilst doing the work on the upside, it's possible that the whole area previously used as a soil dump etc, which the path will cross, could be cleared up and made mowable. This proposal is currently going through the formal 'change' process with Northern Rail, but should get agreement in a few weeks. Rumours of bridges etc. are totally unfounded!

7) AOB. Keith queried how long correspondence should be retained, in particular Newsletters from ACoRP. It was agreed that printed version are not required to be kept longer than about 3 months as anyone interested can obtain copies on line. Other items that do need keeping are Method Statements, formal licences etc from Network Rail, and monthly working party record sheets. Routine correspondence where no further issues are anticipated and the subject matter has been concluded should be kept for a minimum of a year from conclusion, at the discretion of the Secretary should they feel a longer period is required.

Holidays- John away from 4th June to 10th July, so not able to attend next working party.

8) Date of Next Meeting  Monday 28th July at 7.00 at the New Inn. (Possibly new landlord by then).

Meeting closed at 7.50.

Post Meeting Note. John has placed a revised invitation to join us notice on the three poster boards, which clearly states that the Station Building is not within our remit!








MONDAY 31st MARCH 2014.

1 The group shall be called 'Friends of Chapel Station'

2 The aims of the group are;-

a) To promote practical environmental enhancement works especially by volunteers for the benefit of the community and train passengers.

b) To publicise and raise awareness of the benefits of 'green transport plans', the train and attractions of the station area and its environs, with a view to increase station footfall and visitor numbers.

c) To encourage community involvement and ownership, particularly by young people and schools in conservation, environment and associated education projects at the station and it's environs.

d) To encourage local businesses to sponsor environmental enhancements in the station area.

e) To campaign for improved infrastructure and services.

f) To work IN Partnership with ALL stakeholders to achieve these aims.

3) To fulfil these aims the group will;-

a) Undertake practical environmental, conservation, recycling works and other activities as they see fit.

b) Encourage partnerships with other like-minded groups to undertake such works.

c) Raise money/funding when necessary, including by means of awards, grants and sponsorship for carrying out these aims.

d) Publicise their activities and achievements.

4) The area of the groups interest is primarily that owned by Network Rail, and that owned by Network Rail and leased to the TOC, in the immediate vicinity of the station.

5) The organisation shall be a member of The Association of Community Rail Partnerships.

6) Membership shall be freely open to anyone interested in taking part in, or generally supporting the aims of the Group.

7) The group shall hold a minimum of three meetings, including the A.G.M, annually to discuss policy, administration and the progress of projects, together with any other subjects permitted by the Chairman of the meeting. These meetings to be open to all, and shall be advertised as such. A quorum shall be three members, including the Chairman or another Office Holder

8) A Committee (and if required- sub committees) shall be appointed to conduct the day to day administration of the group. The Committee, which will include the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, will be answerable to the meetings of members, and will ensure that information is freely available and disseminated by appropriate means. (Unless the subject is confidential).

9) Accounts shall be kept by the Treasurer, submitted to an independent examiner, and approved at the AGM.

10) The group shall obtain any necessary insurance for volunteers on its projects when not already covered by TOC/Network Rail arrangements, and for third party and damage risks.

11) If it should become necessary or advisable for the group to close then a general meeting of all members will be called, giving three weeks notice. If this meeting agrees that the group should terminate, then all outstanding debts and liabilities shall be settled and any remaining financial assets donated to Chapel Parish Council.

12 This constitution shall only be altered by consent of a majority of the members at a properly called meeting.


CHAIRMAN ______________________DATE______________________


SECRETARY_____________________ DATE______________________






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